Very Merry Theatre 2022 Annual Appeal


December 1, 2022

Hi everyone,

As our programming grows, more and more families have entrusted us with their growing thespians. As artists, now more than ever, we’re reminded how we must show up each and every day ready to be our best selves, to care deeply for and be mindful of our mission, to be prepared with the materials to teach, to truly “see” and try to connect with each child, and to make the experience joyful, educational, and one of sharing and listening.

We truly believe each child and teen arrives at rehearsal with something unique and important to offer the group and it’s our responsibility to nurture that. We can’t reach every child in every moment, but we can keep trying to utilize all the tools in the toolkit to find what fits. We hope our performances reflect as much of what these young actors bring as what the original creators and our staff (sometimes, they’re one and the same) had envisioned. When that happens, it makes everyone feel more connected and energized, and ready to do it all again!

One of the truly wonderful things about theater is that it finishes with a performance. It’s a chance to step out and be part of a story and to share it, live, with an audience.  A chance to experience that audience’s laughter and cheers and final applause, and that is a great reward for all the work.

During this holiday season we at Very Merry want to step back and applaud all of you for being part of our audience, our community, our VMT family, and for trusting and believing in this little, but growing, engine that could. Your generous support in helping us to continue to fulfill our mission to ensure "All Children Take Center Stage" is greatly appreciated. 


Don Wright and the Very Merry Theatre Board


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