Very Marry Theatre
All Children Take Center Stage

About 20 Allen St. Stage & Black Box


The Saturday Drama Club This weekly club meets from September through May and children ages 6-12 from all different schools and neighborhoods come together for a whirlwind morning to write, practice, and perform a completely original play. This program costs fifteen dollars a day (or whatever you can afford) and no registration is required ahead of time.

School Vacation Camps Our vacation camps provide a fun way for children to get out of the house and create theatre during while on break from school. We host camps both during the longer winter and summer breaks and during the short week-long breaks throughout the school year.

Independent Productions We also perform many full-scale productions independent from schools that are geared towards different age groups or children who are homeschooled. Through these performances, children have the opportunity to cultivate new friendships with students from different schools and backgrounds.

Scholarships Financial support is available for all the above activities. These programs at 20 Allen St. represent the mission of Very Merry Theatre: all children, regardless of age, school, or financial background, are welcome to participate in and benefit from the strong relationships that develop through the creation of theatre.


Welcome to our new online registration system! Our Fall offerings are under "Sessions" and our summer and fall vacation camps can be found under the "Camps" tab.

Please note that by using our online registration system, and choosing a payment plan when it's offered, you are allowing us to charge the remaining balance to the card you use at registration. There is no need to bring in a check for the remaining balance like in the past. But, if prefer to pay by check, please reach out to and we can handle the registration manually. Thank you!