Very Marry Theatre
All Children Take Center Stage


NOTE FROM A PARENT... Thank you for offering Very Merry Theatre to the Chittenden Community. It is such a pleasure to see our children, Skylar and Carly, become incrasingly confident as they enjoy the comraderie and fun that VMT foster in their programs. We feel very fortunate to have discovered the jewel of children's programs in VT - Carolyn Roberts

LETTER FROM A SCHOOL DIRECTOR... Thanks for another remarkable experience with you and Very Merry. We were delighted with how it all went: your very talented, inspiring, calm and respectful directing, the ownership and enthusiasm of the kids, the amount of learning and growth that happened for each student, and the wonderful performances at the end, which the parents loved. We got great feedback from the kids. It was clear that the experience impacted them strongly in many ways. The work you do is quite amazing - we love it! - Jacquie Werner-Gavrin, Director, Red Cedar School

NOTE FROM A STUDENT... When I get to Very Merry, I think, "I'm home." In VMT there is no hate, tears, or loneliness. There is only love. VMT is why I can stand to wait the the whole school year. In Very Merry, everyone smiles and you feel like flying. I have grown up with these amazing friends that I have met there. Very Merry is my family and everyone should join. - RS, Burlington school district 5th grader

LETTER FROM A PARENT... This will be my 8th year of being involved with Edmunds drama. I must say that the process of creating and producing a performance is incredible. It brings these teens together (kids that may not necessarily mix themselves together). Then, with some of Don's magic, the teen's willingness to explore themselves, and the fabric of support from their community - amazing things happen! It is this community involvement that is really powerful for me - these teens feel the love and support of everyone involved. It is this interwoven connectedness that lifts them and allows them to move and grow through their own process... Part of the beauty of this community development is that when each of us gives a little (or a lot) every effort is valuable. My point is that not only are we helping to lift up our children, but we also gain from this process. We all feel a sense of satisfaction and joy at seeing these teens shine. - Marti Churchill, parent at Edmunds Middle and Elementary Schools

NOTE FROM FORMER PARENTS... Thank you for your continuing gift to our kids and our community! You are the best! Jim Wolvington and Barbara Crook

LETTER FROM A TEACHER... I am an ardent supporter of working with VMT. Having witnessed/been a small part of about 9 productions, I think these plays are some of the very best activities that happen in our schools in Burlington. Don Wright is a veritable genius, and every child and school with the chance to work with him is really fortunate. I also believe that over time the benefits for a school increase significantly, as younger children observe and learn for several years before they take on the bigger 5th grade parts. Participation, especially for boys, really goes up as the play becomes a part of the tradition and fabric of the school. The play can become a real community builder, as parents get pulled in and apply all kinds of heretofore under-utilized (or at least not-yet-asked-for) talents and skills. Another of Don's great talents is recruiting parents into the production, in ways little and large, and keeping them involved for years (often beyond their own children's acting). The learning opportunities available for our kids are across nearly every academic area, and into subjects not always explored in our classes. Literature, speech, music, singing, different dance forms, acting, history and team work are only a few strands. I also really appreciate how the play gives extra opportunities to excel to two entirely different types of students; those who have had fewer chances to experience much academic success often really shine; and then those high achievers who are sometimes not challenged as much as they could be are really pushed and encouraged to do wondrous things. - Keith Brown, 5th Grade Teacher, Flynn Elementary School, Burlington, VT