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Very Merry Theatre Summer Schedule!

[past participants are guaranteed a spot until Jan 31. New participants should register right away and you’ll receive notice on Feb 1st] The directors, where chosen, are identified. All camps will have teen counselors.



Teen Tour “Oklahoma!”July 24-28, Aug 1-Aug 4, Aug 7-11 Camp day: 10-5 for first six days then varies depending on time of performance: most shows are either noon or early evening with a full afternoon of activity prior to evening shows. Ages: 13-19. $620. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien

Eventbrite - Oklahoma!

Old North End Community Center

 (at St. Joseph’s School, 20 Allen St., Burlington)  

“Seussical” July 31-Aug 4, Aug 7-11, 
A two-week camp. Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $270. Limit: 25 Nick Caycedo

Eventbrite - Seussical

About Our Summer Camps

Summer is an exciting time at Very Merry Theatre because the warm weather allows students the opportunity to get outside and enjoy performing theatre on our travelling wagon and outdoor festivals as well as attending camps hosted at our Burlington location or the Vergennes Opera House.

Charlotte Wagon Tours  Our travelling theater wagon plays an important part in our original or licensed summer productions, and children and teens are able to participate in our “Wagon Tour” camps. There's a one-week camp for children 6-11 that performs at the barn on the final Friday. There are two two-week camps for 7-13 year olds. These camps involve one week plus a day of practice and culminate in four hour-long performances during the second week. Our summer is capped off by the Teen Tour where our teens rehearse for six days and perform for ten, then reunite in September for two performances at the Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival.

St. Joseph's Performing Arts Center Camps (temporary name!) We also host eight weeks of summer camps (six for one week and a two-week camp) at this location on Allen St. in Burlinlgton. Students from 6-13 can participate in original or licensed plays or camps that specialize in dance, fairy tales or of other focus.

Vergennes We host a one week camp in Vergennes every June for ages 7-13.

Teen Counselors  There are opportunities for more experienced students in both the weeklong Teen Tour and through becoming a camp counselor at the Staige Hill Barn or at our 333 Stage. Apply to be a Summer Camp Counselor [Download Application]

Scholarships  Scholarships are available to any interested participants at any location.

Growing! As Very Merry Theatre continues to grow we will add more summer opportunities for kids and teens in all areas of the performing arts as well as in new towns.