November 30, 2020 


Dear Very Merry families, friends, and supporters, 

I’m grateful for the trust that so many of you have shown us this year. In the midst of one of the more unique and worrying years in our lifetimes, and, in the context of VMT, one of the most challenging,  we’ve been able to maintain our programming. We’ve produced new shows like Through the Looking  Glass and Did You Hear? along with old standards like Jesus Christ Superstar and Oliver! We’ve gone virtual and made “zoom movies” in the spring, then moved back in-person for summer camps and fall programming. And now we watch warily as the Covid cases rise all around us while planning our winter offerings. 

What hasn’t changed on our end throughout 2020 is our commitment to provide a creative sanctuary for children: a place to discover characters and build worlds, a place to belong; to tell stories through and beyond our masks and social distancing. A place where at times we perform for just a camera at the far end of the auditorium, or maybe a small house of 20 family members. As artists, we’ve been challenged. Ashley has mastered the ability to create pre-recorded songs from audio tracks supplied by the kids, and then played through our sound system during the shows. Karen and other choreographers have invented dances filled with energy and pizzazz, even though we can’t hold hands or do other fun acrobatics together. And our kids, well, they fly through the door as engaged, excited, and ready to explore as ever. And then, as always, leap bravely and exuberantly onto the stage to keep us believing in the power of the arts. And, so despite the significant financial challenges the pandemic has created, we go on: working and creating, together. 

So, thank you for being part of the Very Merry family. It’s an organization that belongs to all of us, and  I’m so grateful for everything you have and can do to sustain us, now and in the future. 

Best, Don


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