Very Merry Theatre Remote Learning Guidelines/Safety Practices


As Very Merry Theatre will be utilizing video conferencing technology (e.g. Zoom)  to support remote participation in our upcoming productions, we want to provide an overview of guidelines to promote safe and responsible use of video conferencing technology (e.g. zoom, google tools etc.).  VMT continues to monitor how local schools and arts based non-profits are utilizing these types of tools to inform our own practice and ability to facilitate positive remote learning rehearsal experiences with our participants.


VMT Recommended Guidelines for participating in video conferencing for rehearsals and to connect with VMT Teaching artists and fellow cast members:

  • Participants should dress as they would when attending a VMT rehearsal
  • Participants  should join the video conference from an appropriate space in the home (such as at a kitchen table, desk, common space, etc., not laying/sitting on their bed or walking around with the computer in their hands) 
  • Participants should refrain from “showing their cast members around the house,” by walking around with their computer and showing the interior of their home. This can be very awkward for participants that don’t want to participate in this activity and will distract from the rehearsal time.  
  • A spot with good lighting is helpful. Sitting in front of a window does not work well, as the participant will only appear in shadow. 
  • Participants should observe good etiquette when joining. If the VMT teaching artist has not muted participants, it is best to mute the microphone when not talking to minimize background noise. 
  • Be aware of background noise from siblings, pets, and others in the room that might interrupt the rehearsal. Again, mute yourself if you have background noise present and unmute when you wish to speak.  
  • Participants need to behave appropriately when in video conferences, much as they are required to do in VMT rehearsals. Parents/guardians need to take a role in this endeavor to help ensure participant success. It is not necessary to lurk over their shoulder, but it pays to be attentive to their interactions. 

Video conferencing for educational activities is new to many of our participants as well as our teaching artists, particularly as they use it for the purposes of facilitating remote theatre arts rehearsals. Here are additional steps that the VMT artists are taking to ensure safe and effective video conferencing:

  • Utilizing settings to prevent anyone but participants from joining the video conference including use of a password feature
  • Monitoring and controlling access to chat features during rehearsal time
  • Limiting access to screen sharing so that only the VMT teaching artist has the ability to do that

If you have questions as we move forward with remote delivery of rehearsals please reach out to Don Wright at 355-1461