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Old North End Community Center Spring Session 2017

To register your child for one of our offerings click the button below the title of the offering. You will be directed to eventbrite. Then click the green TICKETS button, fill out the form below and you will recieve an email confirmation confirming your online registration. We ask for a tuition deposit at the time of registering and the remainder on the first day of camp.

Preschool “Play” Time
– Ages: 3-5 year olds with a mom or dad. Mondays, 10-11:30am. March 27- May 15. Limit: 10. $50
Eventbrite - Preschool Play Time

Once Upon a Mattress – Ages 7-12. Mon 4-6pm & Wed 4-6pm, March 27- May 11. Limit: 25. $160. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien, Samantha Lauren, Mickey Pekar
Eventbrite - Once Upon a Mattress 

Cabaret with Ashley! – Work on your vocal skills as you create a song and dance and present with others in the group in a final cabaret-style performance. Tues 5:15-6:15pm, March 28-May 9. Ages: 8-14. Limit: 10. $90. Ashley O’Brien, Nick Caycedo
Eventbrite - Cabaret with Ashley! 

Peter and the Starcatcher – Ages, 13-15. Sundays, 1:45-3:45, Tuesdays, 5-7:30. Starts March 28. Performs: May 13, 14. $210. Don Wright
Eventbrite - Peter and the Starcatcher

West Side Story – Ages, 15-19. Sundays, 4-8, Thursdays, 5-7:30. Starts March 26. Performs: May 26, 27, 28. $210. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - Older Teen Musical

Homeschoolers Special “The Lost Prince"Ages 6-13 Wed 10-noon, March 29-May 11. Performs: May 10, 11. Limit: 18. $140. Ashley O’Brien, Mickey Pekar
Eventbrite - Homeschoolers Special “The Lost Prince"

Spring Break Camp: “Star Wars”9:30am-3pm, April 24-28. Ages: 6-12. Limit: 20. $100. Mickey Pekar
Eventbrite - Spring Break Camp: “Star Wars”

Open Mic Night! – Fridays on dates TBA, 6-8pm. Grades 5-9. Donate whatever $ you can afford. Colby Kervick

Saturday Drama Club - Every Saturday, 10am-1pm. Ages: 6-12. Just show up at the door! $15 a session (or what you can afford). Nicholas Caycedo

Very Merry Theatre Summer Schedule!

[past participants are guaranteed a spot until Jan 31. New participants should register right away and you’ll receive notice on Feb 1st] The directors, where chosen, are identified. All camps will have teen counselors.



 Barn Camp “In Search of Mother Goose” June 19-23  Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages: 6-11. There’s a 6:30 barn performance on 23rd. Great roles for both genders. Limit: 30. $275. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - In Search of Mother Goose

 Wagon Tour One “The Phantom Tollbooth” June 26-30, July 3-7 Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages: 7-13. Four noonperformances on July 4/5/6 and 6:30pm show on July 7th. Limit: 30. $480. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - The Phantom Tollbooth

 Wagon Tour Two “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” July 10-14, 17-21 Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages: 7-13. Four noonperformances on July 18/19/20 and 6:30pm show on July 21st. Limit: 30. $480. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

 Teen Tour “Oklahoma!”July 24-28, Aug 1-Aug 4, Aug 7-11 Camp day: 10-5 for first six days then varies depending on time of performance: most shows are either noon or early evening with a full afternoon of activity prior to evening shows. Ages: 13-19. $620. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - Oklahoma!


“Alice in Wonderland” June 26-30, 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $160. Limit: 25
Eventbrite - Alice in Wonderland

Very Merry Theatre Performing Arts Center

“The Frontier Express” June 19-23, Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $135. Limit: 25
Eventbrite - The Frontier Express

“Cabaret: Song & Dance Camp” June 26-30, Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $135. Limit: 25 
Eventbrite - Cabaret: Song & Dance Camp

“The Patchwork Girl of Oz” July 3-7, Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $135. Limit: 25
Eventbrite - The Patchwork Girl of Oz

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” July 10-14, Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $135. Limit: 25.
Eventbrite - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

“Robin Hood and Maid Marian” July 17-21, Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $135. Limit: 25 
Eventbrite - Robin Hood and Maid Marian

“Cinderella” July 24-28, Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $135. Limit: 25 Karen Amirault
Eventbrite - Cinderella

“Seussical” July 31-Aug 4, Aug 7-11, A two-week camp. Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages 6-13. $270. Limit: 25 Nick Caycedo
Eventbrite - Seussical